Parent Directed Program

The Parent/Person Directed Program (FCRS-PDP) is an Ohio non-profit corporation that is affiliated with Franklin County Residential Services, Inc. (FCRS). FCRS has been a trusted provider of excellent residential services for more than 30 years. PDP was created in 1996 with a mission of giving more service control and flexibility to individuals and their families.

PDP is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to serve people with the following funding streams.

  • Individual Options (IO) Waiver
  • Level 1 Waiver
  • SELF Waiver
  • Adult Family Living Services

PDP is a one-of-a-kind service provider for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live with a family member or in their own home and would like to have the ability to direct services. The individual or a family member must desire and have the ability to accept responsibility for monitoring and facilitating services and supports provided to the individual.

PDP believes that individuals and their families deserve a strong voice in the services they receive. PDP offers freedom and empowerment to individuals and families by giving them the authority to:

  • Take on the role of “Site Supervisor”. As Site Supervisor, the individual or family member is able to hand-pick their own direct service and support staff to recommend for hire by PDP. They also have the option to choose from PDP’s highly-trained and established service staff.
  • The individual of family member directs the scheduling of staff at their home. This allows a great deal of flexibility as support and services needs change.
  • Based on their waiver budget, the individual or family member is able to choose a rate of pay between $10-$17/hour for their staff. This gives people the ability to hire staff at higher wage ranges than typical waiver providers and will reduce turnover of staff significantly.

What does FCRS-PDP do for the individual/family?

  • PDP assumes all financial responsibility for paying ODJFS unemployment, BWC, the employer portion of taxes and creation/issuance of W-2s for all PDP employees.
  • PDP works with families/individuals to provide multifaceted oversight of all billing that allows all parties to know the availability of funding and at all times.
  • PDP ensures there are no payment delays to employees due to PAWS adjustments or delays in CPT.

Individuals are able to focus on supports and services while PDP handles the majority of the related administrative duties.


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