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In addition to valuable programs, Franklin County Residential Services (FCRS) offers a variety of services, from training courses for providers to family counseling and critical behavior support.

Training Services for Providers

FCRS offers a comprehensive training program that fulfills Licensure and Medicaid requirements for the State of Ohio in order to provide services in Intermediate Care Facilities as well as Supported Living Programs. Courses offered include:

Courses offered include:

Behavior Support & Crisis Intervention – Functions of behaviors and behavior support are discussed in this class.

  • Antecedents and consequences of behaviors are identified and how to use them in order to increase appropriate behaviors and/or to decrease inappropriate behaviors.
  • How to set up a positive environment in order to prevent negative behaviors.
  • Reinforcers are defined and how their use or misuse can occur.
  • How Behavior support plans are developed and implemented from the incident report, then the IP team, next the Human Rights Committee and lastly, to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).
  • Aversive procedures and how they are used to decrease negative behaviors.
  • Data collection and behavior incident reports are reviewed and their importance in behavior support.
  • Abuse is discussed and prohibited actions reviewed.

Peacekeepers – A behavior support course that reviews functions of behavior, behavioral triggers, environmental triggers, mental health, and medical issues that could contribute to negative behaviors. It also covers coping strategies for staff when mental health and medical issues are identified.

Resident Rights/Abuse/Neglect/Major Unusual Incidents – Review of the Ohio Revised Code of resident rights and abuser registry.

  • Definitions of abuse and neglect are identified.
  • How and when to report an incident, what goes on an incident report, and the process of an incident report are discussed.
  • Confidentiality and staff responsibilities to protect the privacy of residents are reviewed.
  • Human Development/Human Sexuality policies are discussed.

Rights & Choice Making – An expanded resident rights in-service that uses video scenarios to demonstrate the different types of abuse and neglect that may happen when staff do not use due diligence.

Fire Safety & Emergency Response – This course reviews common causes of fire, its prevention, emergency weather conditions, and safety plans. This course complies with DODD rules and regulations for fire safety and emergency response.

Drug Free Workplace – The rationale behind a drug-free workplace, as well as how to prevent drug use/abuse, and resources to assist with drug use/abuse are discussed.

Intro to DD – Causes of developmental disabilities, common disabilities such as autism, spectrum disorders, and Down Syndrome, definitions of mental retardation as it relates to developmental disabilities.


Behavior Services

In addition to providing various behavior support training classes, FCRS also provides technical assistance in behavior support to interested parties (parents, guardians, other agencies, providers) on a contract basis. Behavior Support Specialists develop and/or assist with behavior support plans and train/teach individuals on behaviors support strategies that are specific to that environment. FCRS Behavior Support also offers crisis intervention services to individuals who have behavior support contracts.

Social Services

Licensed Social Workers and Supervising Independent Social Workers provide one-on-one counseling, group counseling, education groups (primarily addressing relational issues), family counseling, benefits consultation, and assessment of needed services.

Clerical Services

Utilize word processing skills to develop documents of all kinds, maintain consumer and financial data, proofing of documentation, mass mailing preparation, receptionist work, and filing.

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